We Don’t Need no Stinking Badges!

For some reason that I can’t explain, I printed and painted some cowboys. I have no idea why! However, I suspect it came from my recent binging of a bunch of Westerns, including Pale Rider, both versions of True Grit, High Plains Drifter and some general rumblings of cowboys at the club (Nunawading Wargames Association). I must admit that they are fantastic miniatures with lots of character. The miniatures that I chose for this particular project are actually Mexican Banditos but I also printed three characters that I couldn’t resist.

Too Fat Lardies have also announced that their own western rules, “What a Cowboy” are to be realised in February this year (2023) and perhaps I might indulge in this particular brand of silliness.

We don’t need no stinking badges!

For those interested in the technicalities of the prints, they were printed on a Elegoo Mars 2 Pro using ESun PLA Pro resin, with a .02mm lift height and 2.5 second exposure time. In fact if you look carefully at the leg of the John Wayne lookalike you can see the faint print levels.

I decided to paint these using Citadel Contrast paints and was able to knock most of these out in one 3 hour painting session. Normally I would use traditional acylics but I wanted to spend as little time as possible painting these and actually I am pleased with the results for so little time spent painting.

Thats Big Talk from a One Eyed Fat Man
Feeling Lucky Punk?

I also have a range of 7th Cavalry and a bunch of civilians that might need to be printed as well. But until I get a game in with what I have already printed I am not so sure that they will get done. However never say never!

El Mariachi!

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