The Saipan campaign is continuing, and one of the nice little quirks for the campaign, in particular, the first map, is that each time you play the map, any vehicles destroyed or abandoned from the previous game is left on the table as a wreck. I didn’t want to waste vehicles or limit myself, so I re-modelled some existing STL files of some LVTs and turned them into wrecks. I didn’t really care so much about the quality of the wreck, so I printed them using my FDM printer, a quick paint job via the airbrush and some dirt on one of them and Job Done! Basically, these are large markers!

it has this sinking feeling

Overall fairly happy with them. The best part is that I have an endless supply of them if I need more. hopefully, I can get off this beach soon!

cheap and cheerful wrecks

The plan is to get off the beach before it gets too cluttered with wrecks!

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