A Most uncivil war

I’ve been painting English Civil war for a number of years now, however this has been a slow burn project. I usually paint 2 maybe 3 new units per year for this particular period but after a number of years I have a fairly large collection of ECW (English Civil War) figures. I have always been a Parliamentarian player as it fits in well with my obviously austere, almost monk-like devout character! Maybe not. Anyway I watched Cromwell years ago with Richard Harris as Cromwell (long before Dumbledore) and became enamored with the period.

It really is a fascinating period and for anyone who wants a potted history of the Civil Wars I would most highly recommend this particular song by Monty Python.

A potted history

Below are the latest additions to my growing force. All figures are by Warlord Games from their Pike and Shotte range of figures. Over all I like these particular figures, the generals coach sat semi painted for almost 6 months and the Petard team was undercoated and then placed back into their box for almost a year. However the Cuirassiers went together quickly and painted even faster, about 2 weeks from gluing together to as you see them below

the Geezers Ride
Hoisted by their own Petard
Old Ironsides

I have also got left in the lead/plastic pile 2 storming parties, 1 unit of Cavalry, 1 unit of Scots Lancers and that’s about it for the moment. After I have finished those last units I have no plans for further units, but in this particular hobby never say never!

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