Ill Met in East Riding

In this episode of The Sons of Anubis Against the World we find our protagonists in the small village of East Riding, somewhere in the west of England. It is late at night and our fellows are out looking for a likely target to vent their ire upon, having been thwarted in their last attempt to destroy the universe by the Ladies Royal Amateur Archaeological Society.

The Sleepy Village of East Riding

The Sons of Anubis enter the village cautiously, oblivious to the sounds of doors being barred and window shutters slamming shut. One member briefly examines the contents of a wagon left unattended but finding nothing of worth moves on to rejoin his fellow cultists.

Who left this bleeding wagon here?
The Sons enter slowly, worried
Ladies Royal Amateur Archaeological Society enters looking for trouble

“Look out, its those bleed’n wimen!” shouts one of the sons, his voice slightly muffled by the over-sized mask that he is wearing.

“Steady lads” bellows the Grand Master.

“Time we showed them ladies who is boss.” he swung his musket off his shoulder and pulled the ramrod out to load the cumbersome weapon. “These new fangled weapons should make all the difference!” He then spent the next few minutes pouring powder and shot into the muzzle and ramming the whole lot home. He lifted the weapon to his shoulder and fired, momentarily blinded by the flash he blinked his eyes to inspect the result, one of the ladies had lost her parasol, shot through the shaft.

“Damn!” exlaimed the grand master, turning to his lackey, “Under-master, your turn, see if you can skewer one of those skirted fiends!” The Under-master raced forward, engaging the fiendish archaeologist and after a deadly clash of blades successfully struck down the woman, however his glee was short lived. Just as he dispatched his opponent he found himself engaged by three opponents and was defeated in turn by a sword wielding harridan.

While the Under-Master engaged the terrifying Amateur Archaeologists the Grand Master reloaded his musket. We should had upgraded the chapter with these things years ago, he thought. As he aimed for the pistol carrying demon she rocked back, struck by the ball from another cultists musket, unharmed by the bullet, which dropped to her feet she returned fire and winged the Son who dared fire at her. The Grand Master snarled and fired only to have the same result as the poor fellow before, the ball ricocheted off her armored corset and smashed a lantern that was hanging beside her.

The Under-master charges the feared enemy!
Just in the nick of time, reinforcements!

Just in time the Sons reinforcements arrived and with a slow volley of musket fire dispatches two Ladies. However as the second lady falls the sound of whistles can be heard rapidly approaching.

“Look out, its the Peelers!”

Hurriedly both side looked about and gathered their fallen and disappeared into the dark, hoping to evade the dreaded coppers. During the mad scramble the Ladies grab the fallen Under-Master and throwing him into a wheelbarrow, adding theft to their growing list of misdemeanors, hustle the fallen cultist off to a hideous torment of fluffy pillows and scones with no jam!

Later back at their hideout the Sons of Anubis take stock and realise that they have left one of the members to be captured by the Peelers. This demands immediate action! Two rescues must be performed to restore the membership to full strength

A volley of fire drops two of the Ladies

This was a game of Empire of the Dead that Jon and I played at club recently. For the first time in any of our games the Sons of Anubis actually had the upper hand. The end result however, was two members of the Sons captured. This gives us our next couple of games and a new protagonist, The Peelers. Stay tuned for more inept adventures of the Sons of Anubis and their quest to destroy the universe!

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