Some New Buildings

A little while ago I bought some new desert buildings from a Melbourne based manufacturer called Knights of Dice. These are from their Tabula Rasa range which is very much a bare bones kit designed to be added to. As a result these particular buildings are very well priced. These buildings are 28mm scale.

My older desert building will probably be retired as I increase my holding of these newer ones. I’ve nicked the before photos from their website and I hope they forgive me for it!



The build was fast and only took about half an hour for each building. I painted them with a stone effect paint that I got from Bunnings and then washed the buildings with Vallajo Sepia wash. Over all I am happy with the result and will purchase a few more to increase to village size. I also have a few of their Pacific range which I bought to increase my Pacific village size for my 28mm Chain of Command games. Once I have done those I will put some photos up.

Knights of Dice Storage shed
All buildings are fully accessible inside

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