Something for my kids

Recently I started running a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign for my kids, both took to it like ducks to water. Which I also found rather reassuring as I was a bit worried that they might have been a bit young. Both my kids have mild A.S.D. but have wonderful imaginations and engage with the story as it unfolds, however to assist them I have been painting some fantasy miniatures to help with the visualisations. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Autistic Spectrum Disorder structure really helps with managing the stresses of daily life. In this case using the movement rules and actually using miniatures really helps avoid any complications that could result in unpleasantness. I also use the sessions to assist with social skills, you would be amazed how difficult it is to negotiate a room at a tavern!

I’ve painted character miniatures for them both and have been painting fiends and foes for them to battle. It also helps being a wargamer with a reasonable stock of terrain in 28mm as I can build the scenarios as they unfold. I’ve added a couple of photos of what I finished today.

Frostgrave Skeletons
Wizkid Dungeons & Dragons Goblins

These particular figures come from the both the Frostgrave undead pack and the Wizkids D&D range and I am fairly happy with the results. The Frostgrave skeletons are fantastic, went together really well and the pack has lots of variations. I have 10 of these skeletons painted now and that should do it until I decide I need more!

2 thoughts on “Something for my kids

  1. Looking good mate – I’m thinking of hosting an RPG game for my kids as well, so will be closely monitoring your progress with much interest!


  2. Thanks Jason, my kids really get a kick out of it. I would highly recommend it as a family activity. However I am still trying to get my wife to play! Not much luck on that front yet.


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