In The Beginning

I had a conversation today with an good friend.  It sort of went something like this.

Me: I need to get stuff done,  stop procrastinating.

My Friend: Sounds good

Me: Yep,  I was thinking about doing a blog thingy to keep track of what I am getting up to in a year. 

My Friend: Good idea

Me: This could be a way of helping me get stuff sorted out and perhaps limit the amount of procrastination that happens.

My Friend: Great,  get started.

Me: Ok then I will.

So of the back of that rather stimulating conversation I decided to get it done.  So many writers that I have talked to and read all say that the hardest part is actually starting.  Finally putting pen to paper- or in this case pressing a bunch of keys in a more or less random fashion until something vaguely legible comes out.  

What I would like to achieve with this is an attempt to document my hobby activities. Why?  Well its actually rather simple. I have been indulging in this hobby for over 35 year and it is more than important to me,  it has provided me with life long friends and a stimulating pastime that constantly delights me.  I also loose track of what I have done and what I would like to do.  What I would like to do with this blog is to track the activities of me and my mates and see where it goes.  To help provide something that I can look back on and say “Ah yes, I remember that!” 

As a wargamer I am typical of the species,  I have an attention span that lasts minutes if I am lucky.  I dabble in most periods and most scales and have never really settled on a single period or scale.  To be honest I am simultaneously envious and sad for the occasionally focused individual who can stay with a single period, it is something that I have never been able to do.  Having said that I am happy to flit about like some overweight middle aged butterfly,  plying the shifting winds of my own fancy.

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